Holidays and heat make Rio de Janeiro’s hotel sector register 85% occupancy

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Influenced by high temperatures and sunny days, the hotel sector in the city of Rio de Janeiro should register an occupancy of 85% over the next few weeks. The information was confirmed to CNN by the Rio Hotels association on Friday (21).

The vice president of HotéisRIO, José Domingo Bouzon, explained to CNN that the high temperatures are the main differential of the city of Rio de Janeiro in this period of the year. And he also points out that the demand for tourists should remain very high, despite the pandemic.

“On weekends, because of the summer, we are noticing a very high volume of tourists. Currently, the average occupancy in the capital is at 75%, but it is still early summer. In the coming weekends, we will reach an occupancy of 85%, which is excellent for the sector”, he said.

“We are very happy with the good result, even with the difficulties generated by the coronavirus”, added José Domingo Bouzon.

The vice president of HotéisRIO points out that tourists in the city of Rio de Janeiro are ‘basically people from within Brazil”. According to him, the current economic scenario disfavors international travel.

“The dollar and euro are very high, there is uncertainty about international destinations, as well as the possible cancellation of flights. Most tourists in Rio de Janeiro are from Brazil. This high demand is explained by the range of options that Rio de Janeiro offers”, he said.

“The capital of Rio de Janeiro has a great differential. Our tourist attractions are open-air. It is a great attraction, as people are less afraid of the pandemic. The beach is a clear example of this”, he concluded.

heat on the weekend

The capital of Rio de Janeiro should record a maximum temperature of 34° C this Saturday (22) and, on Sunday (23), 35° C. And the trend is for the temperature to increase even more in the coming days.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the expectation is that the city’s thermometers reach 40° C. There will be no rain in the city of Rio de Janeiro throughout the week, according to the institute.

“A warmer air mass comes, a domain, which stays longer in the southeastern part. This causes the temperature to rise and brings intense heat”, highlighted the head of the Inmet weather forecast center, Francisco de Assis.

The specialist also explains that the atmospheric blocking system caused by the winds between Argentina and Rio Grande do Sul prevents the passage of frontal systems, such as cold fronts, for example.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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