Home delivery of gourmet dishes during the lockdown period in Belgium… made in Greece

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“Green” and with a Greek stamp. The 32-year-old chef, George Athanasopoulos and the 30-year-old chef, Victor Deramey, instead of letting the pandemic bend them, turned “Maloma” into one of the best restaurants in the home tradition, but without missing the gourmet touch.

“Enjoying a wonderful meal at restaurant It is a combination of many factors, one of them is the choice of materials, which must be fresh and high quality “explains George Athanasopoulos to APE-MPE.

He emphasizes that “the taste of the products sold within 24 hours of the harvest is a thousand times better. By buying directly from farmers, restaurants can learn a lot about the products and provide this information to their customers. Also, our other criteria are the seasonal products, as well as the way of production that must be sustainable and ethical. We use mainly organic products and we have excluded from our menu meats and fish whose way of breeding is harmful to health and the environment “.

The coronavirus did not enter the barrier

George Athanasopoulos, born on Brussels from Greek parents, he studied at the famous “Ecole Hôtelière” in Namur, and later worked at “Air du Temps”, “Pastoral”, “Château du Mylord” and “Bobon”, all with two Michelin stars. But he always wanted to have his own restaurant. And he did it. Together with Victor, they opened “Maloma”, in Scarbeck, Brussels, on March 1, 2020. The two chefs did not let the coronavirus get in the way of their plans.

In a tribute to the best restaurants in the home tradition, rtbf reported: “Instead of seeing their dreams shattered, they mobilized their talent, which is not lacking, to continue to exist,” while Soir included ” Maloma “in the proposed options (for home orders) for the festive meal at Christmas 2020.

As he notes, “last October, experiencing the second lockdown, we had to be inventive and find ways to keep our customers and the quality of our cuisine, since we aspire to be a gastronomic restaurant. So we created a menu that is easy to carry, but elaborate as a presentation and flavors. Its acceptance by our customers and their good reviews brought us to be one of the best restaurants in take away. “Our ambition remains greater beyond the coronavirus.”

Greek products are an integral part of the dishes

“Although I was born and raised in Brussels, my love for Greece is a given, as is the need to display the treasures of the Greek land through my kitchen. Of course, I also use quality Greek products, such as olive oil, olives, Kozani saffron, oregano, Chios mastic, mountain tea, sheep yogurt, some wines “, he points out.

“Because the menu changes frequently in relation to seasonal products and producers, we are flexible and adaptable. So, we do not have a specific dish that we make all the time. However, what the customers tell us that they really like is the combination of flavors that gives a meaning to the dish “, notes the Greek chef. As for the special name of the restaurant, it is not accidental.

“Maloma comes from the word malolactic fermentation, like the fermentation done for the production of wine” says George Athanasopoulos in APE-MPE, explaining at the same time that “this fermentation concerns the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid, with the help various enzymes. It was invented during prehistoric times and is the oldest method of preservation. An ecological habit that has now become the basis of healthy cooking. So we wanted in our restaurant to give the opportunity to the tasters to discover new flavors “he concludes.

The photo is from the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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