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Homelessness surges due to housing crisis in Spain as tourism booms – The stories are moving

More and more people are homeless in Spain due to the housing crisis at a time when tourism is booming. The stories of the people left on the street cause emotion and sadness. Francisco Carrillo wept with relief as he lay in bed in his new charity-provided Madrid flat after spending three years sleeping in a theater cubicle. The 62-year-old pensioner realized he couldn’t afford the high rents in the Spanish capital when he moved there to undergo cancer treatment. “Today I will sleep like a bird,” he declared. Carrillo is one of a growing number of Spaniards who realize they are unable to pay the high rents, at a time when there is a shortage of social housing and regulations that discourage long-term leases. The situation has been exacerbated by the boom in short-term rentals for tourists via platforms, which has sparked a wave of protests across Spain in […]
Source: News Beast

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