Home Tech News Honda to release CR-V hydrogen car in 2024

Honda to release CR-V hydrogen car in 2024

Honda to release CR-V hydrogen car in 2024

The recently unveiled new Honda CR-V will form the basis of the Japanese brand’s future hydrogen car. The Japanese company has announced that it is preparing to launch production of its new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, which is scheduled for 2024.

The production of the new hydrogen electric car will be organized at the American company Honda Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, where the second-generation Acura NSX supercar was previously produced. What technical characteristics will have a new electric car, built on the basis of the Honda CR-V, is not specified. But, there is a version that she will receive a power plant developed jointly with Honda’s American partner in the face of General Motors. The company also said that the hydrogen model will be hybrid, that is, it can not only be refueled with hydrogen, but also charged from the mains, like any electric car or hybrid. This will allow the crossover to travel some distance on pure electricity in case there are no hydrogen stations nearby.

It is worth noting that while Honda, like many other Japanese manufacturers, is noticeably behind its European and American competitors in terms of electrification of the lineup. However, the brand is actively trying to catch up with other brands that have already succeeded in producing electric vehicles. In addition, Honda has set itself the ambitious goal of phasing out cars with conventional internal combustion engines by 2040 and becoming a fully carbon-neutral manufacturer by 2050.

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