Honduras: Net lead for left-wing candidate ahead of presidential election

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Siomara Castro, the left-wing candidate in next month’s presidential election in Honduras, has risen sharply and is now clearly ahead, according to a poll released shortly after the former first lady secured the support of another opposition faction.

In case he wins on November 28, The 62-year-old can write history as the first woman to occupy the highest office in the country.

According to a poll conducted by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CESPAD) by telephone, Ms. Castro leads by 38% of voting intentions while the candidate of the coalition Nasri Asfoura, mayor of the capital Tegucigalpa, occupies the second place with 21%.

30% of citizens polled said they were either undecided or did not intend to vote. The poll was conducted from October 12 to 20 on a representative sample of 1,726 Honduran citizens eligible to vote. The statistical error margin is ± 2%.

Mr Asfoura, 63, a conservative businessman and two-time mayor of the capital, came in first.

Ms Castro is the wife of former left-wing President Manuel Selagia, who was ousted in a relatively bloodless military coup in 2009 after a bitter dispute with opponents who accused him of wanting to revise the constitution.

The CESPAD poll is the first to be conducted after the Liberation and Reconstruction Party (LIBRE), nominated by Siomara Castro, and the National Union of Opposition (UNO) faction of popular TV presenter Salvador Nasrallah announced that they could their.

Before the LIBRE and UNO parties announced their cooperation, Mr. Asfoura had a small lead, gathering 21% against Ms. Castro and Mr. Nasrallah, who were equal with 18%.

The left-wing candidate has vowed to better manage Honduras’ $ 13 billion foreign and domestic debt by legalizing abortion in cases of rape, endangering the life of the mother or fetal malformations, as well as and that it set up a new UN-assisted anti-corruption commission.

Ms. Castro was also a LIBRE candidate in 2013, when she was defeated by about 9% by outgoing President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Juan Orlando Hernandez’s eight years in office have been marked by a flurry of allegations of corruption, which the head of state denies. In the US, prosecutors allege that Mr Hernandez was bribed by drug gangs, turning his country into a “drug lord”, which he also denies. His brother, Tony Hernandez, a former lawmaker, has been sentenced by a US court to life in prison for drug trafficking earlier this year.

Mr. Asfoura, a conservative politician, construction businessman, twice mayor of the capital, is the candidate of the National Party of the head of state. He faced charges of fraud, misuse of public money and money laundering. The charges, however, were dropped by the Honduran judiciary.

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