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Honey highlights on brown hair, the most desired color of 2022

It’s official. From January 1st of each year the (a bit crazy) competition between hair colors starts to win the medal of the “best color” of the year. In challenge at the moment there are: lo “Smoky gold” (shaded blond with cold ash tones that maintain roots between hazelnut and toffee) and the coppery red “Raspberry Bourbon », spicy nuance. But pay attention to the new entry: the brown with honey shades, as well as the favorite nuance of the tops Candice Swanepoel and Gisele Bündchen, seems to want to surpass everyone.

And, in fact, it is already in great demand in salons for the particular gilding it leaves on the hair: «There is a boom in requests for honey blonde because it is the right compromise between the various shades of blonde. It is the most suitable for this cold season, perfect for “covering” the cold summer blondes that still resist, perhaps damaged by the sun and salt. To obtain a warm honey blonde, but with a natural approach to the salon, we use a blend of the nuances of our botanical extracts (clay, hazelnut and cinnamon) », explains Fabio Marchina, hair styler owner of Marchina Hair Styling.

Why is it the most loved color of the moment?

«It is the most versatile blond, in fact it adapts to all types of hair, face, and any age. Ideal on very light skin (a la Cate Blanchett), for a porcelain effect because they give brightness and warm the complexion. As for styling, honey blonde is enhanced by waving effects, therefore both soft and defined waves, to give elegance to a color that is already refined and bright in itself. Finally, to enhance this nuance it is good to focus on the right make-up, giving importance above all to the eyes ». And Candice (on cover) seems to know literally all the pluses of this color. Have you noticed it too?

Source: Vanity Fair

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