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Honeymoon: the favorite destinations of Italians

Honeymoon: the favorite destinations of Italians

The return of the honeymoon marks the beginning of a new “post” Covid phase, also allowing couples who in the last two years have had to postpone the “yes” date to re-project themselves into the future with enthusiasm, allowing themselves dream honeymoons.
In fact, many will travel, as shown by a survey conducted by Wedding.com of The Knot Worldwide group – reference portal of the bridal sector – on 1,350 couples of future spouses with the wedding date expected until 2024. Well: 69.3% will certainly start for the honeymoon, 23% are meditating, and just 7.7% have decided to give up their honeymoon. The trend is also confirmed by the analysis of the travel section of the site, where in April 2022 requests for information and quotes are tripled compared to the same month of the previous yeareven exceeding the data of April 2019, the pre-pandemic reference period.

Top 5: the most popular destinations

In the ranking of the favorite places triumph United States (16.9%), which according to the White paper of marriage from Wedding.com – published in collaboration with Google and ESADE Business School – were the most popular even in the pre-pandemic (15%, with 8% of couples making a stop in New York). In second placeEurope (15.8%), where 9.7% of newlyweds prefer theItaly even after 2021, when it was forcibly a trendy destination due to health restrictions, and which allowed many to rediscover the beauty of the country. Among the most popular places: Sicily, Sardinia and the Amalfi Coast. In fourth place there are the Maldives (8.2%, against 3% in 2019), followed by Africa (8.2%, against the previous 4% concentrated mainly in South Africa and Tanzania).

When, at what price and for how long

The recent survey also reveals that most couples have decided to follow the tradition leaving immediately after the wedding (56.4%), while 10.1% prefer to wait for the evolution of the pandemic and the high global problems before setting the travel date. The duration of the honeymoon obviously depends on many factors (distance, time availability, budget available …), but it generally fluctuates between 11 and 15 days (39.9% of cases): this is in fact the average time that Italians allow themselves for the most romantic trip of their life. Only 8.5% of couples will cut out a week at most, while 4.3% have decided to exaggerate, even allowing themselves a month of bliss. As for the budget made available, it is another survey by Wedding.com made on weddings and related honeymoons last year to define the contours. Well: 18% spent between € 2,000 and € 3,000; 12% between € 3,000 and € 4,000; while 15% between € 4,000 and € 6,000, thus placing itself in the pre-pandemic trend. Again according to the White Paper of Marriagein fact, before the pandemic, Italian spouses spent an average of € 5,750 for their honeymoon.

The trend of buddymoon

Yes, the trend that is depopulating abroad has just landed in Italy and many are wondering if it is really having a hold: it is the buddymoon, which replaces the classic honeymoon, transforming the honeymoon into a group vacation with friends or family. The future Italian spouses interviewed by Wedding.com however, they are still very compact in considering the honeymoon an exclusive trip for couples (in 86.1% of cases).

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