Horoscope 2021: fashion tips from the stars

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It will be Leo or Aquarius the luckiest sign of the zodiac in 2021? Will Taurus be successful in love and Capricorn at work? Will we be the rear of the astro-classifications that follow one another, as always, every year, in the last days of December? Maybe, more disillusioned than ever due to a pandemic, we will not jump for joy to discover that the air signs are those in the spotlight of success for the next twelve months (a little yes, come on, the writer is from Libra).

But one thing the stars promise everyone, from #teamAries to the squad of Pisces: 2021 will be the year of redemption. Of the wardrobe, we mean. Buried under Everest of suits, sweatshirts, pajamas and slippers lie the most disparate garments and accessories ready to give their best on every occasion, from the office to the disco: impalpable blouses or a thousand rouches, killer miniskirts, dresses stretch, bon ton dresses, sweaters, suits, pleated skirts, designer bags, décolleté and stiletto heel boots. Gold, silver and glitter, the biting animalier, and then the tartan, the flowers, the leather, the polka dots and 150 shades of color: everything in the rediscovered wardrobe is illuminated, sir.

The predictions of the zodiac in key couture, therefore, we understand them like this: like Kate Middleton, we are ready to recycle garments that we honestly no longer even remembered existed, but from fashionistas to the Lady D. what we are we can not not interpret the advice of the horoscope as an invitation and an opportunity to make room in the drawers ready to welcome lucky charms to the page registered 2021.

Maybe it will be a precious Etro scarf: the brand has, in fact, presented under the hashtag #ThePaisleyZodiac a 2021 horoscope told with a series of jacquard scarves distinguished by the iconic Paisley design.

From our part, to facilitate the search for the fashion signature to focus on in the new year we have read carefully the horoscope that Antonio Capitani created for Vanity Fair, which you find in number 1/2 of magazine of 2021 now on newsstands, applying the Style filter to some passages.

In the gallery, therefore, we have aligned the fashion houses and suggested the wannahave sign by sign associated in turn with a royal girl. Therefore, wear the fashion crown and attach. Ready to discover the cool side of astral conjunctions?

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