Horoscope and celebrity: the sky of 2021 for 12 stars

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The curtain fell on a 2020 that will remain (unfortunately) carved in history, the eyes are already pointed towards the New Year, in the hope that you reserve better surprises of its predecessor. Even celebs do project into the future, who wished to continue the own battles, who to confirm himself at top, who instead of restart after difficult months or find again the love. And what they say the stars to about? Here is the sky of 2021 for 12 stars who already last year – for several reasons – have been long in the spotlight.

AriesJennifer Garner
Charm and courage, even in this absurd 2020, the American actress has combined her big family and work, taking care of her children and her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Practical, impetuous, the stars foresee for the new year the rediscovery of relaxation, of doing nothing. For Jennifer it would really be an unprecedented milestone.

Bull – Chiara Ferragni
The keyword is stability, achieved by the blogger with tenacity and sacrifice. The concreteness led her to carry out projects such as the incredible fundraising for the San Raffaele Hospital, which earned her – with other initiatives – the Ambrogino d’Oro. The second child is on the way and – according to the stars – also new certificates of esteem.

Twins – Johnny Depp
Nice and curious look, typical of this zodiac sign that stands out for its intellectual vivacity and the desire to discover. That’s why the pandemic on him seems to have hit hard (in addition to the war in court with his ex-wife). It is necessary to turn the page and start again, to put this behind us dose horribilis.

Cancer – Tom Cruise
«Respect the anti-covid o rules I get you fired“. Those born in these days of the year react instinctively, you know, but the behavior of the American actor also denoted a bit of understandable nervousness. The stars for him provide for a lightening of responsibilities (the gossip instead also rumors of a new love).

Leone – Meghan Markle
The egocentric sign par excellence, last January he gave his best with the Megxit. With the spotlight on him he confirmed his sense of justice and the desire to help the weakest: it is necessary to maintain a balance, both personal and as a couple. The stars are on his side and herald a consolidation of the relationship with Harry.

Virgo – Sophia Loren
Intelligent and a perfectionist, when this sign is around everything has to work at its best. It is therefore not surprising that, having returned to acting after 11 years in “Life ahead», The experts of Variety claim it can be in the running for an Oscar nomination. Heaven advises you to keep your feet on the ground, but a little thought …

Bilancia – Kamala Harris
«We did it», The first female vice president of the United States: guided by a sense of justice and a good relationship with others, typical elements of the sign. What to expect for 2021? For the stars, the key words will be “courage” and “change”, which – given the role it will play – is certainly not bad news.

Scorpio – Joaquin Phoenix
Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe, for him – on a professional level – it was a super year. Enigmatic, fascinating, agitated by great passions: characteristics of scorpions and which we also find in the American actor. That next year, according to heaven, will continue to fill up with self-esteem (with an eye to the family).

Sagittarius – Vanessa Incontrada
The adventurer of the zodiac, she posed naked for one of the our most popular covers 2020. “My body becomes a message for everyone: let’s understand and celebrate a new beauty”. For the stars everything is in its place, the “challenges” of those born under this sign can therefore continue with renewed energy and passion.

Capricorno – Kate Middleton
He keeps faith with his sign and pays attention to the point, always reaching the goal he sets himself. Not bad for a future queen consort who again this year has shown great skill in combining family life and institutional positions. “Build and eliminate the superfluous”, suggest the stars. Easy mission for the Duchess.

Aquarius – Jennifer Aniston
The rapprochement (in friendship) with the historic ex Brad Pitt, the standing ovation at the SAG 2020, the battle to enforce anti-Covid regulations. For the American actress, this year was like a roller coaster, but the sky has great news for 2021: the next few months will be unforgettable (and there’s even a new love).

Pesci – Elliot Page
“My joy is real, but I’m afraid of hatred.” Thus, in early December, the actress formerly known as Ellen Page, announced he was transgender. A sort of rebirth, a characteristic trait of those born under this sign: the goal of the new year will be to combine happiness with spirituality, in search of an inner balance.

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