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Horrific crime in the US: The moment a 13-year-old stands over his sleeping mother before murdering her with a knife

Chilling images recorded by the camera in the bedroom of a 39-year-old mother, shortly before murdered, as the authorities believe, by her 13-year-old son, the Miami-Dade County District Attorney’s Office in Florida released. The black and white images recorded by baby monitors show Derek Rosa standing over his mother, Irina Garcia, while she slept in her bed on October 12.

In one of the photos, recorded at 22:23 last Monday night, Garcia appears in her bed with her newborn baby girl in her arms. Just after 23:00, the baby monitor camera recorded the room with the lights off. The baby has fallen asleep in his crib and the teenager is standing over the sleeping woman on the bed Derek Rosa, who half an hour later called Immediate Action, to confess his heinous act. Prosecutors have not yet released more details about what is happening in the photo.

Among the photos that have come to light is a shocking selfie, which the 13-year-old is believed to have sent to a friend after the heinous crime. The teenager poses with his tongue out, making a gesture while in his hand red color is visiblewhich probably comes from her blood mother of. Another image was released by authorities, of a pink-handled knife with what appears to be blood on it.

During an 18-minute call with police the night of the brutal murder, Rosa confessed to murdering his mother and sent a photo of the gruesome aftermath to a friend, telling the recipient: “There’s blood all over the floor”as transmitted by New York Post.

The student is also reported to have told the police: “I have the gun with me. I was going to kill myself, but I didn’t want to. I did not want. There’s a knife in my room and a gun in the living room.” His half-sister was unharmed. Rosa’s stepfather also lived in the apartment, but was out of town for work at the time of the murder.

The teenager, who is to be tried as an adult, pleaded not guilty for killing his mother last month. Attorneys for the 13-year-old are pushing to have the student transferred to a juvenile detention center instead of behind bars at the Metro West Detention Center, an adult prison. On Friday, Judge Richard Hersch heard arguments on whether Rosa should be transferred to a juvenile detention center and await trial, according to NBC News. Despite the horrible crime for which he is accused, the 13-year-old has the support of many members of his family, including his father, who asked, speaking to the cameras, that his son be given “a second chance”.

Source: News Beast

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