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Horrifying images of locusts in the sky in a region of Mexico – ‘I will not open my mouth again’

Its inhabitants of Mexico they were stunned when they saw images from the Apocalypse of John imprinted in the sky of the Latin American country. According to local media, the sky of the Yucatan was filled with locustswith local authorities scrambling to contain the swarms.

I’m not going to open my mouth again,” said one user on X, posting a photo showing locusts taking over the sky. In other videos, the swarm can be seen flying even in central areas, while some talk of “the end of the world”.

In accordance with nypost.com, locust swarms usually develop due to a lack of food. The UN noted that the climate change can be a trigger for this problem. The agency blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the worsening swarms.

At the same time, disruptions in the supply chain affected the production and delivery of the necessary pesticides. The University of Cambridge notes that locusts tend to attack vegetated areas during drought. The Yucatan it has been rich in crops since Mayan times.

Source: News Beast

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