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Horror in Poland: Father and daughter had an incestuous relationship – They killed three newborn babies

A 54-year-old Polish man and his 20-year-old daughter were arrested on Saturday after it was discovered that the couple had consanguineous relationship and murdered the three babies born from their relationship, according to Polish media reports. The father has also been accused of rape of a second daughter.

In total, the Police found the bodies of three newborn babies in the village of Czerniki, south of Gdansk. Poland, which led to the arrest of the two. Two of the corpses of the babies they had been discovered just days before the arrest on September 15, while the third was discovered shortly afterwards by investigating officers.

“Yesterday, during a search of the premises, the bodies of two newborns were discovered buried in the basement. A tracking dog and a 3D scanner were involved in the investigation,” said Mariusz Duszyński from the Gdansk District Prosecutor’s Office, as reported by local media. “On Saturday morning the police continued their work and the body of the third newborn was found. Activities still continue at the property.” The 20-year-old daughter who was arrested is believed to be the mother of at least two of the babies.

How officials comment on the case

“The prosecutor announced the decision to press charges against the woman and she is being questioned,” Duszyński added. “The woman was accused of murder and incest. Witnesses have also been ordered to be heard,” he said, with Karina Kamińska, press secretary of the provincial police commander in Gdańsk stating: “Policemen are working at the scene of the discovery of the bodies of the newborns, which were found in the basement of one of the houses in the town of Czerniki. Two bodies were secured with the prosecutor’s decision for the autopsies». The 54-year-old father of the woman who is accused of three murders and incest was brought to the public prosecutor.

“Field investigations are carried out by police officers from the Investigation Department of the District Police Headquarters in Gdańsk and the District Police Headquarters in Kościerzyna. “The proceedings are carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor. In addition, a dog handler with a sniffer dog, as well as police officers from the MWP forensic laboratory in Gdańsk, worked at the scene, using modern equipment to uncover and secure traces that will help explain the circumstances and course of this the crime”

Source: News Beast

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