Horror in Russia: Kills her 1-year-old daughter in a black magic ceremony and commits suicide

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Horrible death found a one-year-old girl in her arms mother of who killed her in the context of a tblack magic study and then committed suicide.

The naked body of 32-year-old Elisabeth Tsarevskaya was found next to her child and her cat carcass in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Russia. Next to the bodies, according to a Daily Mail article, were photos of Tsarevskaya’s ex. battered with blood and with pierced eyes.

“When they entered the apartment, even the toughest police officers bowed. “They were shocked,” said a police source. “There was blood and ‘magic tools’ everywhere. “The mother was lying naked while the family cat was found dead by knives,” he said.

Local media call the 32-year-old “witch».

The murderer’s 26-year-old husband, Arthur Rusin, testified that his wife was an occultist. She had graduated with honors from the School of Architecture and was also a fashion designer. When she left for work, she became pregnant by someone named Anton, who introduced her to black magic. Arthur raised the child as his own, local media report.

Police are looking for Tsarevskaya’s lover.

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