Horror in Texas: Two brothers killed their entire family and then committed suicide

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Two brothers killed four members of their family in Texas, before commit suicide, carrying out an abominable agreement they had concluded, as announced today Tuesday (6/4) the local police.

The bodies, according to the APE-MPE, were found last night by the Allen city police, who had been alerted by relatives, who were worried about the posting of a farewell letter on Instagram by one of the brothers. However, the massacre took place on Saturday night, as the authorities clarified.

19-year-old Farhan Tawhid explained in this letter that had entered into an agreement with his brother Tanvir Tawhid, 21, with whom they promised each other “To commit suicide and kill their whole family”, explained to American media John Felt, a police spokesman in Allen.

The victims, originally from Bangladesh, were identified as their father Tawhidul Islam, 54, their mother Irene Islam, 56, their grandmother Altafun Nesa, 77, and Farhan’s twin sister, Farbin Tawhid. aged 19 years.

The brothers had been experiencing psychological problems for many years

The two brothers had been experiencing psychological problems for many years, Farhan Tawhid explained in this letter, published by the Washington Post.

He was suffering from depression from college and despite the help his family had offered him, his health condition had recently deteriorated.

A computer science student at the University of Texas at Austin described being kicked out of a dormitory in the winter after he said he would kill his family.

Returning to Allen, in the northern suburbs of Dallas, he found himself again with Tanvir Tauhid, who was “suffering from depression and anxiety disorder.”

The two brothers they finally decided to kill their whole family before committing suicide.

Tanvir had recently bought a gun legally, according to police. In his letter, he confirmed that he had lied to the authorities, assuring them that he was not suffering from psychological problems so that he could buy the weapon.

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