Horror scene in Mexico: Beheaded thrown at Tijuana polling station

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A man throws a severed head at a polling station in the Terrace del Valle district of Tijuana, on the Mexican-US border, as Mexicans go to the polls for the by-elections.

The election campaign was one of the bloodiest in the country’s recent history. According to security consultant Etellekt, 91 politicians were killed and attacks increased by 17.5%, to 910 in total, compared to the previous 2017-18 elections.

Local authorities said the man who threw the head tried to run away, but did not say if he was arrested. Plastic bags containing human remains and severed hands were found a short distance away.

It is not clear whether this violent incident is related to the elections.

An estimated 93.5 million Mexicans are now called upon to renew the 500 seats in the lower house of parliament, to elect 15 governors and thousands of local officials.

Analysts point out that most episodes of electoral violence are related to municipal elections, as gangs are pressuring to influence the outcome, hoping to increase their control over drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

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