Hospital manager in Milan postpones treatment of unvaccinated citizens

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Sense has caused in Italy the news that his manager Galeatsi Hospital of Milan, Fabrizio Preliasco, is of the opinion that at this stage it is safer to postpone the treatments of non-vaccinated patients, unless it is an emergency.

Invited to comment on a series of posts, o Πρελιάσκο He emphasized that the fact that unvaccinated patients were in fact a new vulnerable group and that their admission to the hospital could endanger all citizens being treated in hospital wards.

“We treat vaccinated patients when they have urgent health problems. When they do not belong to the emergency, we postpone their treatments. “We hope they can come to the hospital in a month, when the coronavirus cases will not be on the rise,” he added. Italian professor of virology.

According to the press, due to his position, this scientist became the target of provocations and threats from vaccinators and deniers. Some even posted his home address and phone number on the Internet.

Many commentators, however, say that due to the attitude of citizens who refuse to be vaccinated, with the new wave of the pandemic, examinations and treatments of many cancer patients have been postponed, who are in danger of having a negative impact on their health.

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