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Hospitalized, Lulu Santos is diagnosed with influenza and gastroenteritis

Lulu Santos , 71, remains hospitalized at the São Vicente clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, after feeling ill last Friday afternoon (7). According to the medical report released this Sunday (9), laboratory tests carried out on the singer pointed to type A influenza and acute gastroenteritis.

Due to illness, the composer had to cancel his participation in the João Rock and Salve o Sul festivals, which took place this weekend. The forecast, according to the statement, is that he will be discharged this Monday (10).

“The singer continues to be hydrated, with controlled abdominal pain, no fever and is accepting an oral diet well,” says the bulletin.

Medical report released on the singer's Instagram this Sunday (9)

According to the Ministry of Health, type A influenza is an acute infection of the respiratory system that has great transmission potential, causing large seasonal epidemics. Symptoms include: fever, sore throat, cough, body pain and headache — which can lead to complications such as pneumonia. The vaccine for the disease exists in the SUS (Unified Health System).

Gastroenteritis, according to Rede D’Or of hospitals, is an inflammation of the mucosa that lines the digestive tube, going from the stomach to the intestines. Generally, the disease is caused by virus and bacterial infections and can be highly contagious.

Source: CNN Brasil

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