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Hospitals in Syria are ‘absolutely overwhelmed’ says Unicef

Hospitals in Syria are “absolutely overwhelmed”, UNICEF representative in Aleppo, Angela Kearney, told Christina Macfarlane of the CNN, this Tuesday (7).

Kearney said hospitals are full of patients with trauma, broken bones and lacerations, and that some people are also coming to the hospital for help for the mental trauma they suffered when the earthquake hit.

As long as the hospitals are up and running, the task has been overwhelming. Describing the scene in Aleppo when the earthquake hit, Kearney reported that children already affected by the war were “bewildered”. “I didn’t know what was going on,” he added.

The representative also pointed out that on Monday morning (6th), when Unicef ​​started its work in the area, there were seven schools in the city of Aleppo that were being used as shelters.

As of Tuesday morning, the number has grown to 67 schools, and currently there are nearly 200.

“In every partially damaged school, there are families who have left their apartments and houses in just their pajamas,” Kearny reported.

She added that while aid is starting to reach the affected areas, there is still a need for blankets, food, clean water, medical and nutritional care.

Kearny added that the need for water, sanitation and nutrition is most urgent. “Help is starting to arrive, but it’s overwhelming; the needs are very great”, he observed.

The Syrian government is also in Aleppo, with officials providing assistance.

Source: CNN Brasil

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