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Hostages released by Hamas this Wednesday (29) are received by crowds in Israel

The two Russian hostages released by Hamas this Wednesday (29) were welcomed by a large crowd on the streets of Ofakim, in southern Israel.

A team from CNN at the scene he saw the van with the two women arriving at the scene. One of them waved from inside the vehicle.

The crowd, most holding Israeli flags, cheered and sang as the van passed by.

The vehicle was seen en route to the Hatzerim Air Force base, where the freed hostages were to be placed in a helicopter to be transported to an Israeli hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) previously announced, citing the Red Cross, that the release of these hostages was not part of Israel’s hostage agreement with Hamas.

Both migrated from Russia to Israel, the family forum said in a statement. Are they:

  • Yelena Trupanob
  • Irena Tati

On October 7, both Irena and Yelena were kidnapped from their homes on kibbutz Nir Oz, along with Yelena’s son, Sasha, 28, and his girlfriend, Sapir Cohen (29), who are still held captive in Gaza , according to the missing families forum.

Yelena’s husband, Vitaly, was killed during the October 7 attack, the forum reported.

Source: CNN Brasil

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