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“House of the Dragon”: do I need to see “Game of Thrones” to watch the series?

In 2022, HBO launched “House of the Dragon” a series from the universe of “Game of Thrones” , which is one of the most successful productions in television history. The second season of the spin-off premieres this Sunday (16) on HBO and Max, at 10pm.

The plot of the first work focuses on the dynasty Targaryen . Based on “Fire and Blood”, a book by George RR Martin, the series deals with the dispute for the throne after the death of King Viserys I, which occurs around 180 years before the events of “Game of Thrones”, which is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” book saga.

Now, the second season of “House of the Dragon” focuses on the conflict between those who defend Aegon Targaryen, Viserys’ youngest son, and those who support Rhaenyra in the dispute for the Iron Throne and command of the Seven Kingdoms.

To understand “House of the Dragon” do you need to watch “Game of Thrones”?

No. Despite being released later, the series’ plot is set around 180 years before the events of “Game of Thrones” . “House of the Dragon” is a prequel to the eight-season series, based on the book “Fire and Blood”.

“Game of Thrones” is based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, which has, to date, five books: “A Game of Thrones”, “A Clash of Kings”, “A Storm of Swords”, “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”.

The sixth volume, “The Winds of Winter”, has already been announced, but has not yet been completed or published by writer George RR Martin.

Who are the Targaryens?

With many centuries of history and originating in ancient Valyria as one of the region’s Forty Families, the Targaryens were known as the Lords of Dragons and married and reproduced only among themselves.

Even before the Doom of Valyria, they left Essos and settled in Dragonstone, an ancient Valyrian fortress on the coast of Westeros.

They lived there for over a century until they set out, led by Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, to conquer the kingdoms of Westeros.

Check out the Targaryen family tree.

Warning – from here onwards there will be spoilers about the first season of “House of the Dragon”.

What is the story of the 1st season of “House of the Dragon”?

The plot follows the reign of Viserys I, who assumes the Iron Throne about 130 years after Aegon I, the Dragon, conquered Westeros alongside his two sister-wives. Viserys I succeeded Jaeharys on the Iron Throne along with his first wife, Aemma Targaryen, with whom he had only one daughter: Rhaenyra.

After years of failed attempts, the couple are unable to have a son to succeed them on the throne, forcing Viserys to name Rhaenyra as future queen. Despite oaths of loyalty, the Seven Kingdoms do not like the idea of ​​having a woman in power.

After a period as a widower, the king then remarries Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto Hightower, Hand of the King. The new couple has three children, including the firstborn Aegon II Targaryen.

What will happen in season 2 of “House of the Dragon”?

With the death of Viserys I, Aegon II is immediately crowned king by the Hightowers – father and daughter, Otto Hightower and Lady Alicent Hightower, in a ceremony attended by all the inhabitants of King’s Landing. Viserys’ sister Rhaenys crashes the coronation with her dragon and then flies off to tell Rhaenyra. The news causes Rhaenyra to go into premature labor and give birth to a stillborn child.

Meanwhile, Daemon, her uncle and current husband, gathers a council to create a strategy for the imminent war.

On Dragonstone, Rhaenyra proclaims herself queen and the Black Council is created. After a peace offering from Otto Hightower, Daemon and Rhaenyra argue, and the princess tells him about Aegon I’s prophecy: the Song of Ice and Fire.

Rhaenyra then sends her children with her dragons to announce her coronation and gather potential allies. While Jacaerys goes North, Lucerys goes South to visit Lord Baratheon at Storm’s End. Upon arriving, he sees that Aemond is already there. The dispute between the two and Aemond’s anger at Lucerys began when the Velaryon struck Aemond in the face with a dagger, causing the Targaryen to lose his eye.

After having the offer rejected, Lucerys leaves the place during a storm riding his dragon Arrax, but is followed by Aemond, who rides Vhagar, one of the oldest Targaryen dragons and which was present in the Conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, being ridden by a of Aegon I’s sisters.

Lucerys loses control of her dragon, which attacks Vhagar. After the dragons fight, the gigantic Vhagar ends up devouring Arrax and Lucerys; The season ends with Rhaenyra receiving the news of her son’s death at the hands of her brother Aemond.

Will “House of the Dragon” have a 3rd season?

Yes. Even before the premiere of the second year, the third season was confirmed by HBO.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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