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House Republican lawmakers urge US to crack down on Huawei, SMIC

According to Reuters, a group of senior Republicans in the US House of Representatives on Thursday urged the Biden administration to crack down on Huawei and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) after it was reported that Huawei has developed an advanced smartphone capable of supporting 5G.

The memo urged the administration to strategically ban the importation into the US of semiconductors produced by SMIC, particularly those that pose a danger to national security, and to file criminal charges against SMIC and Huawei executives. This action comes after it was reported last week that Apple iPhones were banned from Chinese government offices.

However, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China has not enacted any law, regulation or policy document prohibiting the purchase and use of mobile phones from foreign brands such as Apple.

Source: Fx Street

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