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House Republicans ready to formalize investigation into Joe Biden

House Republicans ready to formalize investigation into Joe Biden

Within the week, either tomorrow Wednesday (13/12) or the day after Thursday (14/12), the plenary session of the controlled by Republicans House of Representatives to vote to formalize investigation into potential Senate impeachment of Democratic president Joe Bidensources close to the conservative faction reported yesterday, Monday 11/12.

An aide to a member of parliament, who spoke on condition of anonymity, predicted the vote would take place on Wednesday. Earlier yesterday, an MP said the chamber’s chairman, Mike Johnson, had told closed-door party work that the vote would be held on Thursday. The same timeline was cited by other Republican officials.

On Thursday 14/12, as reported by the Athens News Agency citing Reuters, the work of the body will be suspended for more than three weeks, due to the holidays.

Republicans accuse the Democratic president and members of his family of illegally benefiting from decisions that Joe Biden helped make when he was Barack Obama’s vice president (2009-2017).

They also accuse the Justice Department of illegally interfering with investigations into the president’s son Hunter Biden. The ministry denies this.

Last week, Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong introduced a 14-page resolution in the chamber that would allow the full chamber to formally approve the opening of the investigation.

To date, Republicans have not presented hard evidence linking the actions of the current president and former vice president to his son’s business dealings. In any case, it is considered unlikely that the Senate, where the Democrats have a -thin- majority, will convict the president, even if the House of Representatives approves articles of impeachment and sends him to trial.

Republican congressman Byron Donalds, a member of one of the three committees investigating Mr. Biden’s actions, said yesterday Sunday on the Fox News television network that he expects the investigation to be completed within the next two months and that the House will have completed the drafting process indictment sometime in the spring.

Source: News Beast