Housekeepers, carers and babysitters, who is without a vaccine?

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The associations of domestic employers have been asking for it for some time: vaccines for those who take care of others and the obligation of certification as for health and RSA personnel. Now the Green Pass is also mandatory for those who work at home: housekeepers, carers, babysitters. From 15 October, even people belonging to these categories must have green certification to work.

Almost 70% of the workers in the sector are foreigners and the work is widespread and undeclared, not all workers are in good standing.

According to the estimate of the employers’ association Domina in the homes of the Italians there are at least 600 thousand domestic workers without green pass. Assindatcolf gives an even higher number: one million, half of those employed in total between regular and irregular.

“Many carers who live with the assisted”, explained al Sole24ore Lorenzo Gasparrini, Domina’s general secretary, «they were vaccinated already in the spring. But based on the reports we receive from our associated families, we estimate that 30% of domestic workers are not yet vaccinated. Almost 40% of domestic workers come from Eastern Europe. In the workers of this geographical area there is a certain reluctance to vaccinate, both for cultural reasons, and perhaps because in some countries there has been no propaganda to promote the spread of the vaccine. Many Eastern workers, then, have been vaccinated at home with Sputnik, which is not recognized by the EMA and therefore does not give access to the green pass ».

The arrival of the Green Pass could bring a new push toemergence of undeclared work. Between 2019 and 2020, also due to the restrictions and obligations related to the pandemic, the number of regular domestic workers increased by 64,529. According to Istat data in the sector, illegal immigrants, not in order or regularized for fewer hours than those made are 60%.

It is the employers who have to check the Green Pass, even for a housekeeper or a carer who is not in good standing. If the worker does not have it, he must be suspended until the presentation of the certification. It is suspended from the first day and does not perceive it salary and contributions for the entire period, but has the right to keep the job until 31 December 2021. You can hire a replacement and the board is to hire indefinitely so there is the possibility of free withdrawal from the relationship.

The penalties are like those for other employers, from 400 to 1000 euros for lack of control. To check you can use the app that use public places. Trade associations are waiting for a simplified method for older employers.

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