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How a grandmother “uncovered” a ring of drug traffickers in Italy

A mafia drug trafficking network in Calabria, southern Italy, fell into the hands of the police, after information given by a grandmother, in her attempt to save her grandson, as it became known today by the authorities.

According to AMPE, eighteen people, who are suspected of being involved in the drug trafficking ring in the area of ​​Cetraro, which is linked to the Muto organization, were arrested as part of the operation.

Muto is one of the many families that are part of Drageta, of the Calabrian mafia, which is considered one of the most powerful in the world and whose main activity is drug trafficking.

“The grandmother turned to the carabinieri to ask them to save her grandson,” Piero Sutera, police chief in Cosenza, Calabria, told reporters today.

The disbanded criminal organization was also involved in “protection” against money and to blackmail businessmen in the tourism sector. One of them had asked the police for help.

“These people have suffered from the arrogance of these criminals who demanded money from them,” anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Grateri told the Gazzetta del Sud.

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