How AKTOR increased its construction object by 600 million euros

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By Eleni Botas

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AKTOR of the ELLAKTOR Group managed to secure a new construction object over 600 million euros from the last tenders for projects, in most of which a temporary bidder has emerged as a joint venture.

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In particular, since the expansion of Kymi Avenue, which was auctioned last Tuesday, totaling 434 million euros, AKTOR in a joint venture with TERNA and Intrakat emerged as temporary bidders.

The construction object of the project corresponding to AKTOR amounts to 150 million euros, as it participates in the consortium with a percentage of 35% (with 40% TERNA participates and with 25% Intrakat).

Also in the road project “Kalamata – Rizomylos – Pylos – Methoni”, budget 250 million euros, in which the Association of Persons AKTOR CONCESSIONS – INTRACAT became the temporary contractor, the construction object corresponding to AKTOR amounts to 150 million.

At the same time on the road “part” of VOAK Hersonissos – Neapoli, amounting to approximately 360 million euros, for which only one bid has been submitted by the consortium GEK TERNA – AKTOR Concessions – Intrakat, the construction object of AKTOR amounts to 60 million euros.

About 100 million euros is the construction part that corresponds to it (as a member of Olympia Odos) from the project of Patras – Pyrgos, with a budget of 305 million euros.

It should be noted that AKTOR with 36%, ABAX with 36% and GEK TERNA with 28% participate in the project (after the departure of the foreign partners from the construction object).

Finally, the section of VOAK, “Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos”, should be added to the above projects, which was auctioned last Tuesday and AKTOR emerged as the bidder. This is a 14 km long project with a budget of 186 million euros.

If the above projects are added the latest contracts recently undertaken by AKTOR, including the restoration of the Corinth Canal with a budget of 30 million euros, the restoration of the Municipal Market of Chania with a budget of 15 million euros, the project of reconstruction of the existing section of the National Road Trikala – Pyli, amounting to 14.3 million euros undertaken by the subsidiary TOMI as well as the work of operation and maintenance of the Aktio – Preveza link, budget 8.01 million euros for the period 2021-2026, then the recently added construction object of the Group exceeds 700 million euros.

Source: Capital

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