How America changed Prince Harry


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Harry happy? Harry unhappy? Harry plagiarized by his wife (Meghan Markle)? Harry finally free (from the royal family)? In this year and little more than Megxit, everything has been said about the British prince, not destined for the throne but always among the favorites of fans of royalty from around the world. It was inevitable that they talked about it.

The decision to leave London and company came not only unexpected, but also unthinkable. After the royal wedding of 2018 with great fanfare, and with only a similar precedent: the abdication of Edward VIII for the “American divorced bird of prey” Wallis Simpson.

Megxit’s announcement is dated January 8, 2020, after Prince Harry had to go to Canossa (i.e. the winter royal residence of Sandringham) to negotiate the exit conditions with his grandmother. It has lost the use of the word “royal” with all that goes with it, but he left for America.

Today Harry – address, Montecito, Santa Barbara; neighbors, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen De Generes, Gwyneth Paltrow and George Lucas – says the American. He has a new wardrobe suitable for California e an accent che belies his status as a noble, and brings him closer to LaLa Land. There are those who even swear that they collect their hair in one ponytail. Word of the neighbor and actor Rob Lowe, who would have crossed him at a traffic light. The cap with visor is also inevitable.

And what about theeconomic aspect? It seems that Harry has lost much of his father Charles’ financial support, and that of his British subjects. It is also up to him to pay for the personal safety of the family. But he and Meghan, Covid permitting, they have already signed the first multi-zero contracts. There is the one with Netflix (150 million dollars), the one with Spotify (similar figure), in addition to the various paid speeches. The Sussexes are also working on their new Foundation, which will not be called Royal Sussex but Archewell, homage to his son and further estrangement from the Windsors. So much so that in the presentation site they put a photo of Harry as a child with mum Diana and not with dad Carlo.

But to the question “How is Harry?We have not yet answered. Of course, Meghan and Archie are his priority. Creating a family of his own, getting away from his brother William’s shadow, has always been Harry’s will. The former actress, not British, outsider to the English aristocratic world unlike all his exes, has allowed him to fulfill his great desire.

It may be that Meghan decides at home today. But Harry seems to be fine with that. At least for now. And if there is nostalgia, so far the prince has managed to hide it. The British reports that the Sussexes would certainly participate in the reunion next June (on the occasion of the Trooping The Colour of Elizabeth II), a “source” is opposed to the American Page Six he said “talking about overseas travel in the middle of a pandemic may seem presumptuous“. As if to say “it is not at all obvious that they will leave California” to reunite with real relatives.

At the time of Kensington Palace Harry had made it known that he hated living in one “Goldfish bowl”. Now the “boccia” is a star villa in California. The Megxit agreement, concluded with the queen last March, provides for a review at the end of the first year. According to the latest rumors, Harry would like a 12-month extension. All right La La Land, but the prince knows that stardom can be fleeting, while being royal is forever. And Meghan knows it too.

So, Harry in California? Happy and unhappy.

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