How BRL 800 aid and UK crown transition impact markets

How BRL 800 aid and UK crown transition impact markets

23 days before the elections, the country enters the moment of “who gives more” in the auction of electoral promises.

In his electoral propaganda announced on Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will pay R$800 reais to anyone who benefits from Auxílio Brasil and gets a job. The promise is to keep the benefit to complement the salary.

Bolsonaro reacts to Lula, who promised to pay the aid of R$ 600 with R$ 150 more per child of the contemplated families. The problem with the proposals regarding the practical part, that is, how to pay, is that the benefit of R$ 600 does not officially exist in next year’s federal budget.

To guarantee the highest value of the benefit, the next government will have to present a very solid fiscal policy to convince society that the country is standing with a hobby horse in public accounts.

This Friday’s CNN Money (9) also talks about the death of Queen Elizabeth and the transition to a new era in the United Kingdom, which is facing the worst economic crisis in decades.

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*Posted by Ligia Tuon

Source: CNN Brasil