How China lost the war on the coronavirus

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THE China is the country with the first case coronavirus and at the same time the first state to defeat the virus in its outbreak phase, at a time when other states are counting one hundred and two dead, as in Bergamo, Italy. Two years later, however, the “invisible enemy” has returned to the Asian country and is creating situations straight out of a science fiction film – for example the lockdown in shanghai-, but also serious protests, such as in Beijing.

Thus, images of soldiers building hospitals in one day are a thing of the past and have been replaced by soldiers in white protective suits herding people into quarantine camps.

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The New York Times therefore and specifically the Paul Krugman in Opinion piece titled “How China lost the war on the coronavirus”lists the reasons why Beijing, from a winner in the battle against the pandemic, is slowly turning into one of the big losers.

Now, cases in China are rising rapidly compared to other developed countries, the population has little immunity to the virus, and social unrest is breaking out, just as the rest of the planet is returning to a state of “normalcy,” or at least having different problems, having overcome the specific.

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“What we see in China is the problem with authoritarian governments that cannot admit mistakes and they won’t accept items they don’t like… “Zero-tolerance policy” is obviously unsustainable, but ending it would mean tacitly admitting wrongdoing, which authoritarian leaders never find easy. Moreover, loosening the rules would mean a huge increase in cases and deaths,” says the New York Times columnist.

Source: News Beast

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