How did a 1989 laptop perform in Bitcoin mining?

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The enthusiast wrote the Bitcoin mining software on an old Toshiba T3200SX laptop running MS-DOS.

In C ++, he created a code to calculate a custom block of bitcoin to test the device’s ability to calculate it.

The 1989 computer is equipped with an Intel 80386 processor with a clock frequency of 16 MHz. During testing, the mining performance of the Toshiba T3200SX was 15 H / s with a power consumption of 39 W.


The developer claims that with such characteristics, production of the equivalent of $ 1 will take 584 million years. For comparison, the performance of the Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer is up to 200,000 H / s.

He also tested the algorithm on a 1986 Toshiba T1100 Plus laptop. The device based on the 8086 CPU with a clock speed of 7.1 MHz showed a performance of 3.6 H / s.

The enthusiast published the written programs for mining on old laptops with MS-DOS in his account on GitHub.

In March 2021, miners used the Game Boy game console to mine the first cryptocurrency. The system issued a hash rate of 0.8 H / s.

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