How do long distance adoptions work that Raffaella Carrà also did

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No carramble, nothing casual. Distance adoptions are projects studied and followed. Raffaella Carrà she was a great supporter of it. She herself had adopted children at a distance in different parts of the world and with the Love program she had involved almost 150 thousand Italians who started distance support.

In the note in which it communicated to theAnsa the disappearance of Raffaella Carrà, Sergio Japino he recalled that program and that commitment. “She had no children but children – she always said – she had thousands of them, like the 150 thousand made to adopt at a distance thanks to love, the program that most of all remained in her heart ».

In that transmission, Carrà talked about the many projects in the world and the concrete possibility of helping children and families in difficulty through long distance adoptions. There was also carrambata. Italian and adopted families often met in the studio, which rarely happens in reality, even if there are contacts.

A Vita Marco De Ponte, general secretary of Action Aid, told how many of those adoptions are still active and how that program had been an opportunity“. There are many organizations that have long-distance support plans in addition to the one already mentioned: among others Save The Children, the Rava Foundation, Unicef, Terres des Hommes, SOS Children’s Villages, Amref.

More than long distance adoptions, today it is correct to speak of distance support because the help is not concentrated on just one child, but goes to the community where he lives thus extending to everyone the possible improvement in living conditions. Contribution from supporters usually carries out health, education and nutrition projects. In addition to school, there are medical checks and access to clean water for teenagers with vocational training.

The images and the story of a boy or girl arrive to the family that financially supports the project, and to them he sends his letter and his photos. There is at least an annual update on the progress made. Donations are deductible or deductible from the tax return. Adoption on average involves a donation of 20-25 euros per month. The associations hope for constant support, but it can be interrupted and eventually resumed. If the supported child’s family changes zones, support goes to another child, such as when the child reaches the age of majority. The same happens when the association leaves the area because it has obtained satisfactory results.

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