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How do the German media comment on the results of the European elections in their country

The results of the European elections in Germany are at the center of the country’s media. The meager percentages of the parties of the governing coalition, the second place of the extreme right and the entry of the newly founded party “Alliance Zara Wagenknecht” into the political scene are commented on by the German media. The Bild tabloid, which wants early elections, speaks of a “disastrous result” for Olaf Solz and his coalition in its commentary. He judges that the parties of the governing coalition “give the impression that they are fighting only for themselves and are leaving behind issues that matter” to the world, referring in particular to the policy against immigration. “Therefore, the strong performance of the AfD is not surprising, but it is certainly a cause for concern,” the newspaper continues and concludes that the message from the world to the leaders of the governing coalition parties is that they must drastically change their policies on the economy, immigration and climate protection. “This is called a reboot. But because the government obviously […]
Source: News Beast

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