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How do you live at -50 degrees? The photos

Aleksey Vasiliev was born in one of the coldest places in the world. Is called Yakutia and it is a region of northeastern Russia. The heart of Siberia. For those who do not live there or have been there for some reason it is impossible to imagine what it means to live and grow here. Over five thousand kilometers from Moscow and with approximately one million residents.

For this, he decided to tell it on Instagram with a series of daily images that I have become the photographic project «My dear Yakutia». There are the streets covered in white, the horizon where sky and earth become one. There are the frozen buildings, as well as the eyebrows of passers-by waiting for the bus. And finding your own dimension may not be easy.

“In the past I was an alcoholic,” Aleksey told the online magazine Boredpanda. “When I stopped drinking, I needed to fill the void the drink left. Then photography came to me and taught me to see life in a more positive way ».

In 2018 Aleksey won a scholarship and began to delve into the world of documentary photography. “Winter frosts reach -50 or even -60 degrees. This winter was really cold, so we had to live in -60 degrees Celsius for a while. If it weren’t for the daily need to go out, people would rather stay at home all the time, drink hot tea and wait for spring. In winter life practically stops, a thick fog during severe frosts obscures the sunlight for several weeks or months ».

What for the residents is a hard reality to live with, for others it becomes a reason for curiosity and tourism. “There are very few people on the street on weekends. These long, cold winters have become something of a trademark of the area, which guests from foreign countries can’t wait to get to know. For most residents, however, it’s a reality you have to put up with. Despite this, not everyone wants to leave Yakutia, because we have internet, a cinema, a museum and even a library for children ».

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