How do you make money on TikTok? Now there are tips and gifts out of the way

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How do you make money on TikTok? There are new ways to make money on the platform most loved by kids (but now with a huge audience and content offer), which has just launched some monetization tools dedicated to its creators. At the moment the main channel for raising money was the virtual gifts that followers can buy and give to users during live broadcasts, effectively giving them a credit. Now we leave the live: TikTok will allow fans of send sums O gifts with the addition of Tips e Video Gifts. These are features that creators will be able to access, and set up, on the portal Creator Next which effectively brings all these monetization tools together on one platform.

The expansion of access to the Creator Marketplace

Not only that: the Chinese group, which for Western operations is controlled by the Californian office, is expanding access to its Creator Marketplace launched in 2019. It is a meeting platform between brands and creators to agree and purchase sponsored content and videos. Now they can sign up for content creators who have at least 10 thousand followers, thus widening the audience and also confirming the thesis according to which it is not necessary to have millions of followers but, rather, a very loyal and perhaps targeted user to arouse the interest of brands on specific initiatives or social campaigns.

Tips and gifts for published videos (and not just for live shows)

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That of tips and video gifts are features that realign TikTok to what has been done in recent months by Instagram and YouTube, where the channels for monetizing are really numerous and articulated. And in general they are part of the moves that the platforms have been putting in place for a couple of years now in their race to grab the most followed creators but also to raise a new generation of creatives. Now, in short, to the question “how do you make money on TikTok?” we have a lot more answers to provide.

Among other things, confirming the importance of the Italian community, the new tools are available from December 1st not only in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain. but right from the start also in Italy. Canada and Australia will also arrive shortly. To activate those tools, the creator must have more than 18 years old, have a certain minimum number of followers which varies from country to country but which would actually seem quite high, at least 100 thousand, a thousand video views in the previous 30 days and at least three places in the same period. The account must have been open for at least a month and not having accumulated repeated violations of community guidelines.

Who the money goes to

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Money they will end up 100% in creators’ pockets. Those who donate will pay a very small commission to Stripe, which manages the transfer infrastructure, but nothing will end up in the social network so as to also avoid leaving fees to Apple for in-app purchases. While tips are direct transfers of funds, Video Gifts work the same way they do live, except with published videos: creators will be able to collect diamonds and other digital items that can then be converted into local currency.

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