How does the Nvidia RTX A2000 video card behave in Ethereum mining?

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Nvidia RTX A2000 workstation graphics card has demonstrated high hashrate when mining Ethereum cryptocurrency. The experiment was carried out by the authors of the YouTube channel Dizzy Mining.

According to the test results, the hash rate and power consumption of the video card were 41 MH / s and 66 W, respectively. For comparison, the researchers used performance data from AMD Radeon RX 6600, which reaches about 30 MH / s when mining Ethereum.

The special settings were supposed to overclock the core by 100 MHz, and the memory by +1500. The tests used devices manufactured by PNY.

The results were as follows:

  • AMD RX 6600 XT (Custom): 33 MH / s @ 55W (0.59 PPW)
  • AMD RX 6600 Non-XT (Custom): 30 MH / s @ 50W (0.61 PPW)
  • Nvidia RTX A2000 (Custom): 41 MH / s @ 66W (0.62 PPW)

The RTX A2000 is based on the Ampere GA106 GPU. For operation, the device uses 3328 cores and 6 GB of GDDR6 video buffer memory, which is accessed via a 192-bit data bus. It also has 104 tensor cores and 26 cores RT.

The Nvidia RTX A2000 model will go on retail in December. MSRP is $ 649.99.

Note that in August, photos of the first specialized AMD video card for cryptocurrency mining appeared on the network. The unnamed device was manufactured by XFX. It is based on the 7nm Navi 21 graphics core.

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