How gorgeous! Camilo premieres his video ‘Pegao’ and little Indigo is the protagonist

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Finally! Camilo Echeverry has just released the official video clip of his song hitwhich is part of his new album From inside to outside.

The clip is an ode to love, as little Indigo, the eldest daughter of Camilo and his wife Evaluna, has been the main character, captivating the singer’s followers and thousands of Internet users on social networks.

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Camilo premieres 'Pegao' and his daughter Índigo is the protagonist of the official video

hit It is a theme inspired by the changes that Camilo has experienced as a father. In addition, it captures in a beautiful and different way the feeling that most parents have when they want to spend most of the time with their little ones to take care of them and watch them grow every second.

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As for the official clip, Camilo is seen with the baby in his arms, discussing the details of the new video with his wife.

Leave the house? nooo! I don’t go out of the house, I want to be ‘hitting’ Indigo all day. If you want a video, we record it at home…

The video was recorded in the house that Evaluna and Camilo have in Miami, Florida, United States, and although little Indigo’s face is not shown, her presence is clear.

hit It has become Camilo’s new musical success, adding more than three million views on YouTube and entering the Top Ten of Spotify in Mexico.

Source: Okchicas

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