How gorgeous! Grandpa helps his granddaughter with cerebral palsy become a makeup artist

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Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in our lives, because there is nothing they would not give to support us and see us always happy. In addition, many times, they represent second parents to us, giving us unconditional love every day. Whoever has them has a great treasure.

They know us perfectly, because they have been with us, accompanying us, taking care of us and guiding us at all times, united by blood or by decision. Like the case of a sweet 84-year-old Brazilian grandfather named Seu Ulisses, who became the grandfather of Ana Paula, a 23-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. Ulisses is the stepfather of Ana’s mother, so she does not carry her blood, but he claims to love her as if she were her own daughter.

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Grandfather combing his 23 year old granddaughter with cerebral palsy

Ana Paula has cerebral palsy, caused by a lack of oxygen at birth, which is why she has difficulty speaking, limited hand movement and the inability to walk. However, despite her adversity, her biggest dream is to become a influencers specialized in makeup and beauty, something that her grandfather did not want to sit idly by, so he decided to put all his efforts into helping her fulfill her dream.

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It is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible for the great love that Mr. Ulisses feels for his granddaughter, as he does his best to make up, do her hair and help Ana to understand more about the world of beauty, hoping that she can achieve her goal in the future.

Grandpa Ulisses combing his granddaughter Ana Paula's hair

All this is done despite the difficulties Ana’s disability represents and the fact that the only economic income they have is their retirement pension.

My biggest dream is to be a digital ‘influencer’, I want to help girls who don’t know how to put on makeup. My biggest dream is to be able to support myself.

– Ana Paula

In addition, Ana shares that she created her youtube channel in 2017, called makeup without borders, to which she uploads her beauty tutorials, in which she explains step by step while her grandfather is applying the products.

This is a great proof of love from the grandfather, who, due to his age, finds it difficult to take care of all the needs of his granddaughter. Fortunately, the organization Reasons to believe started a fundraiser so that this family from Sao Paulo can lead a calm and happy life.

A great story of inspiration and personal improvement, because Ana Paula’s limitations are not an impediment to fulfill her dreams.

Source: Okchicas

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