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How is the top 10 of BBB 24 one month after the end of the program; look

One month after the end of BBB 24 a lot of things changed in the lives of the participants who went through the program.

Between endings and beginnings of relationships, changes in appearance, new career developments, millions of new followers and lots of publicity, the CNN brings a summary of how the lives of ex-BBBs who reached the TOP 10 of this year's edition.

Do you remember who they were? Check out what they look like now:


With five million followers on Instagram, Alane continues to showcase the culture of Belém do Pará, her hometown. The dancer often posts typical foods, carimbó and river baths on social media, as well as moments with her family and her dog Liz.

Committed to her acting career, she signed with the same company that manages Juliette and Anitta.

Upon returning to the capital of Pará in the last week of April, the ex-sister was applauded by a crowd of fans at Belém airport and her reception featured a special program, including an electric trio.

“Today, with all the certainty in the world, is the best day of my life!”, she wrote online the day she returned home.


After leaving the BBB 24 house, Bia has been sharing her routine with her five million Instagram followers, alternating between publications, fashion shows and meetings with celebrities and influencers.

The seller also changed her look and darkened her hair, leaving the blonde locks behind.

Upon returning to Brás, a neighborhood in São Paulo where she worked as a street vendor, the former BBB member also gathered a crowd of fans.


The BBB 24 champion won a documentary about his life story, “Davi – Um Cara Comum da Bahia”, made shortly after leaving the program and released at the beginning of May on Globoplay.

After the reality show, the Bahian faced a crisis in his relationship with his ex-wife Mani Reggo. Davi made statements in which he said he was just “getting to know” Mani, and she later stated that she learned about the “change in my relationship status through interviews.”

The former BBB spoke openly about the end of the relationship and said that Mani made the decision to end it and no longer wanted to talk to him about the two of them.

“I went after, I ran, I called, [ela] not answer me. I called to talk, she didn't want to come talk. So, like, I went, but it wasn’t me who wanted to end everything, it was her”, said Davi.

The champion often vents about the pressure he has been under after becoming a millionaire with the prize. “EstThey're waiting for me to slip on a banana for trick”, said Davi during his participation in Podpah.

More recently, he went to Rio Grande do Sul as a volunteer to help those affected by the heavy rains that hit the state and collected donations.


The Rio native is preparing to star in a program on Multishow alongside Giovanna Pitel, her partner within the reality show. The two remain close and Pitel even jokes about being the “father” of her friend’s children.

Fernanda continues to share moments with her two children on social media — including the beginning of Marcelo's treatment, who is on the autistic spectrum —, in addition to her film recommendations and publications.


The ex-sister also shares her travel routine, activities in nature, photo shoots and posts on her social networks. In addition to the reunions with the group of Gnomes she became close to inside the house.

Often questioned about her romance with MC Binn, with whom she got involved inside the house, Giovanna and he have already made it clear that they remain just friends, even though they have exchanged a few kisses outside.


The native of Alagoas also spends her days preparing to present the program with Fernanda on Multishow.

In addition to valuing her state's fashion and culture on social media, Pitel also appears in photo shoots and shares her hair care routine — which caught attention and received praise while she was inside the reality show house.


Just as she did within BBB, Isabelle continues to promote the culture of the Amazon on her networks, with posts about food, nature and, of course, the Garantido ox, which she represents as cunhã-poranga at the Parintins Folklore Festival. She has also used her influence to speak about environmental issues and the preservation of native peoples.

Upon returning to Parintins, the dancer was welcomed with a party in the streets with the presence of the oxen Caprichoso and Garantido.

After starting a romance with gaucho Matteus in the final stretch of the program, the two finally made their relationship official this week. They met again in Manaus just over 15 days after leaving the reality show.

Lucas Henrique “Buddha”

Buda also had a complicated post-BBB period, when he discovered that his wife, Camila Moura, had filed for divorce while he was confined due to his closeness with Pitel. The ex-brother even published an apology and called his ex-wife to talk, but the two do not seem to have reached an agreement.

They continue their lives separately, and Camila, who gained fame with the controversy, continues as a digital influencer, having announced her own brand of lip gloss.

Buda shares his routine on social media, rediscovering the friendships he created within the program and posting more about capoeira and the Afro-Brazilian culture involved in the art.


Gaucho, Matteus has dedicated his presence on social media to asking for help for those affected by the tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul.

He was welcomed with a celebration upon returning to his hometown, Alegrete, and said he was “feeling like a celebrity”. In addition to being reunited with his family, Matteus was also reunited with his horses and his farm.

This week he also made his romance with Isabelle official, asking his ex-sister to be his girlfriend just over a month after the two kissed on the reality show.

MC Binn

The funk singer's first move after leaving BBB was to change his artistic name from MC Bin Laden to MC Binn, and this week he announced the release of a new album soon, including a tour in Brazil.

The MC continues to do shows and frequently meets up with the friends he made on the program, especially Lucas “Buda”, with whom he became very close in the final stretch.

The possibility of remaining as a couple alongside Giovanna was soon discarded by the two, who emphasize that they are just friends outside the house.

“It’s Brazil’s Brazil”: remember memorable phrases from BBB24

Source: CNN Brasil

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