How many days do you need to work in Russia and other countries to buy an iPhone 13

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Last week, Apple unveiled a new series of iPhones and announced the official cost of smartphones for the United States, which turned out to be at the same level as the previous generation at the time of launch. However, in other countries, prices vary upwards, sometimes reaching almost $ 3,000 for the iPhone 13. Thanks to research by Money SuperMarket, you can now imagine how expensive the new product from Apple is for residents of certain countries.

The organization found out how many working hours (days or months) it would take to buy a new iPhone 13 (128GB version) in different regions of the world, starting from the minimum income level for each country and an 8-hour workday. According to Money SuperMarket, Brazil is the country with the most expensive iPhone 13. There the smartphone costs about $ 1,450. A person earning the minimum wage in Brazil needs to work 86 days to buy a new iPhone. However, Brazil is not the poorest country by these standards. In the Philippines, people need to work 97 days to buy an iPhone 13, although that model costs $ 1,025 here.

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Cheapest 128GB iPhone 13 in Hong Kong ($ 874). Those who receive the minimum wage there can purchase a new iPhone after working 7 days. Switzerland tops the list of countries where residents can buy an iPhone 13 after working the least amount of time – just over 4 days. As for Russia, here on a brand new iPhone will have to work 53 days.

iPhone 13 will be officially available in 30 countries worldwide starting September 24th. Pre-order of new smartphones has already started in Russia. The cost of the iPhone 13 mini will start at 69,990 rubles, the iPhone 13 – from 79,990 rubles, the iPhone 13 Pro – from 99,990 rubles and the iPhone 13 Pro Max – from 109,990 rubles.

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