How much does Giorgia Meloni earn?

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Just over 150 thousand euros. To be precise, 151 thousand 915 euros. This is the figure declared to the tax authorities by the premier Giorgia Meloni in the model 730 delivered in 2022 to the Revenue Agency and relating to income received in 2021, published online on the government website. In detail, against this taxable income, the total income is 160 thousand 706 euros.

Own home

The “Declaration of the 2022 financial situation” reports only one building that the prime minister owns: the apartment in Rome where she lives with her family, her partner Andrew Giambruno and the daughter Geneva. It’s his only real estate. No stocks, bonds or corporate participation. Giorgia Meloni did not indicate the marital status.

The salary as a deputy, not as a prime minister

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In the part of the 730 model dedicated to «fees connected to the assumption of office», Giorgia Meloni, who became premier on 21 October last, declares «as Prime Minister, as well as member of the Chamber of Deputies, of not receive any remuneration from the Presidency of the Council, on the basis of the prohibition of cumulation with the indemnity due to parliamentarians» pursuant to article 3 of the decree law of 21 May 2013, n. 54. The «declaration of renunciation», can still be read on the website, is dated 20 January. In essence, Giorgia Meloni has renounced her salary as prime minister and receives a salary as a “simple” deputy.

Source: Vanity Fair

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