How often should you wash your clothes?

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Frequent washing can damage the fabrics of our garments and above all have a significant impact on the environment, including waste of water, energy, detergents used and the production of microplastics.

Therefore, to respect the hygiene rules and the environment, How often should we wash our clothes? Timing varies from garment to garment, Greta Volpi from @greenonthebeam explains it to us in this video:

NB: let’s not forget our nose! He will also be able to tell us if a garment is better to put it in the laundry basket or in the wardrobe

Here is a brief recap:

Underwear and socks: after each use

Pajamas: after 2 or 3 uses

Bra: after 3 or 4 uses

Sportswear: after each use

Jeans: practically never! If they are stained, just wash them in cold water with white vinegar to deodorize and remove the stains.

Clothes: every 2 or 3 uses.

Hoodies and sweaters: it depends on the fabrics! In the case of cotton, silk or cashmere garments every 2 or 3 uses (in case of bad smell or stains even after the first one). In the case of wool or synthetic sweaters even after 5 uses!

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