How Pfizer-biontech Vaccine Protects Seniors Against Life-threatening COVID-19 Cases – Report

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Vaccination with anti-coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna was 94% effective against hospitalization with COVID-19 in fully immunized people ≥65 years of age. This is reported in a press release by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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In addition, a single dose of these mRNA vaccines resulted in 64 percent protection against admission to the hospital for those vaccinated in the same age group.

The effectiveness of vaccinations was checked using data from January 1 to March 26 in 24 hospitals in 14 states, analyzing the rates of 417 hospitalized (mean age 73 years, 48% women).

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Among the 187 cases, 18 received one dose of vaccine ≥14 days before the onset of illness, and one to two.

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Adults 65 and older are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes. This group has been identified as a priority vaccine worldwide. Since the beginning of December, over 1 billion doses of anti-coronavirus vaccines have been administered.

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