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How Pot Can Kill – The deadly disease that presents with high fever, shortness of breath and hallucinations

THE gardening is a favorite pastime for quite a few people, as well as for an elderly woman from Britain, who almost died, after taking care of her pots in the garden, he fell ill with a fatal disease disease.

THE 66-year-old Jillian Law stuck her legionnaires disease tending to her plants and developed a series of serious symptoms, which she initially ignored because they looked like signs of age-related ailments.

As stated by dailymail.co.ukat the end of April last year the woman was in her garden without any equipment, when she felt a headache above her right ear. Then, he stopped work, took antibiotics and fell asleep, while when he woke up he felt severe painbut he thought it was a symptom of the rheumatoid arthritis from which he suffers.

Lung disease progression as recorded by the CDC

THE transmission does not occur from person to personbut with aerobically inhaling the bacteriumwhen water that is contaminated and dispersed in the air in the form of droplets.

They follow possible imgs of contamination:

  • Cold-hot water supply systems (shower)
  • Cooling towers of air conditioning systems
  • Water storage tanks
  • Hot springs
  • Thermal springs
  • Swimming pools (especially those where the water is warm and circulating)
  • Fountains
  • Humidifiers and breathing apparatus that operate on tap water

Source: News Beast

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