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How the Digital Work Card will work

How the Digital Work Card will work

Countdown of 6 days for the implementation of a radical change in the field of labor relations “running” from today, based on the relevant Ministerial Decision published today.

The reason for the “Tool II” and the Digital Work Card. The “Ergani II” system will be the basis for the expansion of the Digital Card. These are reforms which are foreseen in the labor bill of the Minister of Labor, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, which was passed in June 2021 (law 4808/2021).

More specifically, from June 1st to June 30th, the inventory – in “Ergani II” – of supermarkets and banks with more than 250 employees will proceed. From the 1st of July, the Digital Work Card will be implemented in the companies of the above branches.

For the other companies -except supermarkets and banks- the inventory in “Ergani II” will be done between October 1 and November 30, 2022.

With its application all the information about working hours, overtime, overtime, shifts, breaks, breaks and vacations will be declared electronically and will be available at the touch of a button to employees, employers and control authorities.

This ensures the interests of the employees, the conditions of equal competition for the companies, the implementation of the legislation and the revenues of the insurance system.

“The announcement of ERGANI that we announce is the basis for the implementation of the Digital Work Card. It is a promise we gave to employees and companies with the passage of Law 4808/2021 for the Protection of Labor, which we are implementing today. A reform in favor of employees and healthy competition, because the digital card is the best guarantee for the respect of the working hours and overtime of the employees. “With the Digital Card, and the upgrade of SEPE to an independent authority, we give in practice and not in words Power to the Employee”, the minister stressed during his position in the special press conference given today by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, the general secretary of Labor Relations Anna Stratinaki and Babis Samios on behalf of the contractor company ς (Cosmote with subcontractor 01 Solutions Hellas).

Ms. Stratinaki noted: “The digital work card is the main and now effective weapon of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to combat the phenomenon of undeclared and undeclared work.

It is the institutional consequence of the solid political will of the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis for social justice, transparency and consistency in the workplace.

It summarizes all the reforms that have taken place in the labor market since 2013, when the Information System Ergani was instituted, but also its transformation into Ergani II, from which it emerges creating a new reality, a modern one, free from bureaucracy. , digital environment for workers’ safety and protection of their rights.

At the same time, it contributes to the more efficient operation of the audit work of the Ministry through the Labor Inspection Body, since it encapsulates the technology and the important data of the Ergani system for the benefit of the control mechanisms, consequently of the employees of the country.

What the Ministerial Decision provides

The Ministerial Decision and the Implementation Guide include the steps that companies and employees must follow to digitally organize their working time.

The evolution of ERGANI to ERGANI II leads to a radical upgrade of the recording capabilities of the programming and the real working time.


1. The scheduling of the work and the information for the real start-end times of the work will now be entered digitally in the ERGANI II system. With the current regime of PS ERGANI, the work schedule is submitted in an unstructured text with attached files.

2. All the information about the programming as well as the data of the Digital Work Card for the real working time will be available to the employees through the application myErgani mobile app, as well as through the myErgani web portal (https://myErgani.gov. gr) and in the form of a diary. Today only the employer’s statements are available a posteriori.

3. For the first time, all types of licenses will be recorded, as well as hourly licenses. Today, an annual statement is submitted only for the regular license.

4. And of course with the Digital Card the real working time will be recorded for the first time. Employees will be able to declare their arrival and departure from work through an app by scanning their Work Card that will be displayed on the mobile phone in QR code format (just like they did with the vaccination certificates), and the information will be automatically transmitted to system INSTRUMENTS II.

The Digital Card secures the working hours and salaries of the employees as two new safety valves are introduced:

The start of work will be automatically notified to the ERGANI II system. The same with the ending.

2. The auditor will know before visiting a workplace which employees should be there.

Thus, the control becomes automatic and objective and phenomena of undeclared work and unpaid overtime are prevented. Cases in which the employer asks the employee not to “knock” the card on arrival, or to resign but to stay at work, will be much easier to detect.

For banks and supermarkets with more than 250 employees the inventory will take place from 1 to 30 June and will follow from 1 July the application of the Card while the other companies will be inventoried from 1.10.2022 to 30.11.2022.

The implementation of the Digital Work Card will be done in two stages: Employee Inventory / Work Scheduling – Recording of real working time.

Two new safety valves

The Digital Work Card secures the working hours and salaries of the employees, as two new safety valves are introduced: The declaration of starting work that will be made by the employees themselves will be automatically transmitted to the ERGANI system.

The auditor will know before visiting a workplace which employees should be there.

New procedures

The following new procedures are foreseen:

– Statements of Change of Employment Information
-Inventory Procedure for the Organization of Working Time
– Digital Organization of Working Time
– Hours – Fixed Weekly
– Hours – Changing Per Day
– Empty

In relation to overtime, the current procedure remains. Regarding the work card, a declaration of beginning – end of the Work Card is provided.

The data concerning the Inventory are the following:

* Employment Relationship Details concerning the Organization of Working Time

* Hours of employment in digital form, as in the inventory

* Statement of Employment Data for the Organization of Working Time

* Declaration details for each employee:

-Date (entry into force) of the Statement of Changes
-Conventional Full Time Weekly Hours
-Weekly Employment: 5-day / 6-day
-Work Card (Integration in the mechanism)
-Flexible Attendance (Minutes)
Break: Minutes

Organization of Working Time – Objects

The Working Time Organization monitors three key subjects:

* Working Hours – 2 main categories:

-Fixed Weekly
-Variable / modified per Day


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