How the green pass works after the third dose

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Who made the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, intended as an additional for fragile or booster subjects, a real reminder six months after the second, for all over 60s and people at risk of all ages, will receive a updated green pass. A new certification that will be issued the day following administration and will be valid for one year after the third for those who had received a vaccine with two boosters or from the second for those who had had a Johnson & Johnson or a single dose after positivity.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions published on the website of the Ministry of Health explain that “the new green passes are issued indicating the” number of doses performed / total number of doses planned for a complete vaccination cycle “. In this case, therefore, it will be «2 of 1» in the case of single-dose or single-dose post-cure vaccine o «3 of 2» in all other cases. A similar formula would let us think what is most intuitive to imagine: remaining the basic cycle with one or two doses, and being the third destined only for the over 60s and other categories of citizens in conditions of fragility, the standard for the majority of the population is destined, at least for the moment, to remain just single dose J&J or double dose. Later we will see if, with the extension of the campaign to all, the third dose will become thelast obligatory stop on a path to be completed and not, as it is at the moment, an addition for those who risk more.

The DGC national platform began issuing certifications for additional doses or boosters, which started on September 20 and 27, respectively, in early October. At present the third dose was administered to over 343 thousand people, equal to 4.5% to the audience for which the administration is currently open. Overall, however, the country has over 80% of people vaccinated with two doses (43.3 million, 80.27% of over 12s) and is almost 85% of those who were given the first. The vaccination obligation seems further away and has recently left the public debate table, but the campaign’s goal remains to cross 90% of coverage and at the pace of the last few days it could take almost two months, provided that the demand does not drop further.

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