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How the war in the Middle East will develop: “Hamas will be defeated but not eliminated and Netanyahu will go”

That the Hamas it will be defeated but it will not be eliminated, commented on Thursday (16/11) the wing commander in retirement – defense analyst Konstantinos Iatridis. Expressing his opinion o Benjamin Netanyahu will leave he pointed out that “it remains to be seen who will succeed him”.

I believe that the elimination of Hamas, which was the original objective, is not going to be achieved. There will be no elimination of Hamas, because there are ways out. But on the other hand, I think he will be defeated” Konstantinos Iatridis, a retired wing commander – defense analyst, said to ERT and the Newsroom show.

Commenting on the war in Middle East Constantinos Iatridis said that no one knows what exactly is happening in Gaza anymore, and even more so in this special operation inside the hospital, as Israel says one thing and Hamas says another. “But I will also say one piece of information that was given by an Israeli journalist, who said that it was a treasure trove of Israeli forces and information that the Mossad had and that there were no such things in the hospital. This remains to be seen, because this is some information” he said afterwards.

“Always in a crisis, in one war, propaganda dominates, psychological operations. (…) The biggest lies are always told before the wedding, during the operations and by the hunters” he said and referred to the children living the drama of the war noting: “The question that arises is that these children who have been injured and they will live after some years, maybe they will be the new Hamas? Because these kids are going to grow up with images of the past that aren’t going to go away.”

On the other hand, he continued: “the fact that inside the tunnels there were over 20,000-30,000 Hamas operatives, it is not easy to exterminate them. As much technology and artificial intelligence as Israel has. It has the weapons and the smart bombs and the thermobaric missiles, which can go up to 40 and 50 meters, but all the areas around these tunnels where these smart weapons will fall should be evacuated because it will be a huge disaster and many people will be killed. If the area or areas are not evacuated, this type of operation cannot take place. And on the other hand, these tunnels have escapes, exits either to Egypt, or if you want to the West Bank or even to Lebanon, it is difficult to exterminate Hamas. I believe that in the end it will be weakened, that is a fact, because Israel has the means and the support of the West and even more of America, who do not want Hamas. Even the Arab countries themselves don’t want Hamas, and that’s why you see them taking some, let’s say, low positions.”

“The West’s fear is that terror will return to Europe again”

As he then explained, the fear of the West is that terror will return again to Europe or the West in general with acts of terrorism.

“I believe that the elimination of Hamas, which was the original objective, is not going to be achieved. There will be no elimination of Hamas, because there are ways out. But on the other hand, I think he will be defeated,” he stressed.

Then Mr. Iatridis, speaking about the next day, expressed his assessment that Netanyahu will leave and it remains to be seen who will succeed him.

“Right now things are difficult. On the other hand, let’s not forget that this whole business has a huge financial cost. Despite America’s aid, which now gave 14 billion while every year they gave 38 billion to support Israel. Let’s not forget that the cornerstone of America’s defense foreign policy is Israel. It is the only democratic country against the Muslim authoritarian countries. So, well and clearly he will continue to support it, regardless of who is prime minister. Let’s not forget that the relations between Biden and Netanyahu are not the best and right now it is not Biden or America who is doing it for Netanyahu, but he is doing it for Israel. Netanyahu at some point whether he wins or loses, which he wins, this is my opinion, he will go. It can no longer continue to exist politically with all that has happened.”

“Israel has no exit strategy”

As for whether Israel is building an exit strategy, Mr. Iatridis said: “Right now, as America has rightly said, Israel does not have an exit strategy. Mr. Netanyahu also understood this. And what did he say about it? That Israel will take control for the security of the area, will create a buffer zone that will be under Israeli control. He then took it back. But he brought it back when America came back. And we see that right now even Europe is proposing that there be a solution, that is, a control by UN forces for a period of time and then that control reverts to the newly revitalized Palestinian Authority. It is a scenario, but what is being discussed regionally and in an official dialogue, something like this happens because Israel may end up being pressured (…) I believe that Netanyahu is now finished. There will be a prime minister who will be more flexible because he will see that this situation can no longer continue.”

It also matters, as Mr. Iatridis explains, what the new revitalized Palestinian Authority will be. “Mahmoud Abbas is disqualified. So Hamas is out of the question of taking control. No way, no one wants that. So who will be the new head of the Palestinian Authority? There are many topics that will be discussed. We still have a long way to go,” pointed out Konstantinos Iatridis in closing.

Source: News Beast

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