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How to exercise in the morning? Learn to motivate your body

Although it may seem more challenging, Exercising in the morning can be extremely beneficial , both for your health and for your busy daily routine. For these reasons, more and more people join the morning training team.

According to Matheus Vianna, personal trainer on the Instituto Nutrindo Idealis team, training in the early hours of the day can generate greater willingness to enjoy activities that will still come in the remaining hours, in addition to help keep your metabolism accelerated and your body more alert and alert especially among those who perform aerobic activities, such as running, cycling or swimming.

“Strength exercises also benefit from the fact that insulin and cortisol levels are higher in the morning”, explained the professional in conversation with CNN.

Furthermore, training in the morning can help people who focus on losing weight and people with diabetes . This is because some studies suggest that muscle cells (fibers) may have an easier time metabolizing sugar and fat during this period.

On the other hand, it may not be easy to jump out of bed in the morning to move your body. A CNN , professionals bring ways to learn how to motivate the body to train in the early hours of the day. Check out!

Learn how to motivate your body to exercise in the morning

What to know before starting training

According to Luiz Augusto Costa, sports doctor at Alta Diagnósticos, from the Dasa network, before starting any training routine it is essential to pay attention to the “check-up”, that is, to carry out a routine medical evaluation, and understand the first recommendations for start a sporting activity.

The professional explains that some conditions require care and a more precise examination before exertion. Furthermore, he highlights the importance of always “perceiving your own body”.

“Physical activity has to be a perception of our own body, and when we feel something that leaves us in doubt, be it unusual fatigue, chest discomfort, a headache, a feeling of fainting or even dyspnea , which is very intense shortness of breath, it is important to follow up with a professional”, pointed out Luiz.

According to the doctor, some tests may be essential to determine even the training itself. “The treadmill test, for example, also allows you to find your training zone, to have a better response, in addition to being safe, and having the best exercise efficiency.”

It is also essential to emphasize that there is individuality and disposition of each person. “There is a biological individuality that we call a profile, there are people who are more morning people, who work better in the morning, wake up more energetic, have greater activation and people who have this more at the end of the day, so it is also essential to understand this profile ”, points out the sports doctor.

“In the end, it will depend on the individual and the type of exercise”, highlights Matheus Vianna.

Advantages of exercising in the morning

Luiz Augusto highlights that during the morning, it is proven that there is greater cardiovascular work. Because of this, the individual finds it easier to adapt to training. “People who want to improve cardiac function, respiratory function, aerobic capacity, training in the morning can have a greater effect because the body is being challenged and will show a more intense adaptation in this condition”, he explains.

Training in the morning can also help, more effectively, the body to better produce substances such as serotonin and dopamine, responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness.

“There is also the fact that people generally wake up calmer to start an activity without the interference of other tasks of the day, which will only come later. Sometimes, at the end of the day, we already have a series of tasks and, sometimes, disappointments and worries, which can interfere with our willingness to exercise”, highlights Luiz.

How to make exercising in the morning a habit

According to Matheus Vianna, it is essential to choose activities that are motivating when you wake up. “Physical exercise involves a behavioral issue that cannot be ruled out. A clear example of this is that there are people who love going to the gym and others who enjoy waking up to do more dynamic sports”, he says.

“Having professional guidance, making a commitment to a friend, relative, eating properly until it becomes a habit and sleeping well are the fundamental tips”, adds the personal. Professionals also recommend establishing a routine of commitment to yourself.

“One of the important things is to leave your sneakers placed next to the bed, your clothes folded, so that when you wake up, everything is ready for you to get dressed and go to the gym. These things will make the process easier”, advises Luiz Augusto.

In the morning, it may be interesting to take a shower to “wake up” more for the start of the day’s activities. As for food before training, the sports doctor recommends juices and the consumption of carbohydrates as the main ones, “as the energy for training is directly linked to these foods.”

It is also necessary to pay attention to the previous day's diet. “You need to have an easily digestible diet to be able to sleep. Foods with more fiber and less fat are essential”, adds the professional.

“Between the lines, the essential thing is to create a health routine, until the final goal becomes a habit. This way, such attitudes will be so automatic that they will no longer be thought of for execution and you will have a more energetic and effective training session”, concludes Matheus.

Source: CNN Brasil

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