How to have casual sex without being afraid (and without being beaten up)

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This is not the best time to have casual sex freely. To the protections that we should already adopt as a rule, there are still others and if we can avoid frequenting gods battuage it would be better. But sooner or later (hopefully sooner than later) the pandemic will subside and we will be able to return to take back a series of daily freedoms, without face masks or distances. That day some of us will want to give free rein to all those intimate itches that we have found ourselves to contain during this cursed period.

Not all people I know are used to casual sex, especially if they’ve always been in a couple until the day before yesterday. If this is also your case, but you are curious and when you will want to try without fear and too many beats, I leave you some little tips for experiencing casual sex in the most serene way possible.

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1) Choose people who make you feel comfortable

It should be practice, but even more so if you are not used to this dynamic, consider carefully if the other person makes you feel calm. For heaven’s sake, until we know the other * we will never be sure, and even the cutest person in the world could be a licensed idiot, but we can try to orient ourselves: if you know each other on dating apps you can see how the conversation goes, if he has an approach that reassures you and does not transmit any pressure, and maybe if he also has social networks (just to make sure he is not a serial killer or a hologram!)

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2) Share the address of the place you are going to go with your * friend *
If you choose to see each other for the first time directly at the other person’s home, a vague anxiety may occur at first: what awaits us? What will we find? Already at his house? Yes, and basically no one dies *. But since security is never too much, a practice that my friends and I apply when we want to feel a little more calm * is to share or send us the address of the home where we are going. Nothing will happen, but in the worst case, someone else * besides you will know where you are and can track you down.


3) Meet in an open and crowded place first
If seeing each other directly at home does not make you feel comfortable, you can always meet outdoors. Whether it’s for an aperitif or a walk in the park, even if you want to have fun and don’t aim for a story, it doesn’t mean that you have to undress and activate yourself with the button. Knowing your date in a public place first, you will have the opportunity to chat, get an idea of ​​who you are in front of, and evaluate during the exit whether it is appropriate to extend it in the following hours or maybe retract, but all in the utmost calm and with your times!


4) Yes, you can also do it for pure fun for its own sake
We grew up in a sexophobic and Christian Democrat society that has taught us that you don’t have sex, but “you make love”. In reality, after the first communion, if there is mutual consent and respect, sex can be a liberating and satisfying experience, even without signing a marriage contract or guaranteeing exclusive attendance. Where is it written that something needs to be started? Not all people can guarantee us a fulfilling conversation and a mutual sharing of interests, but maybe a sexual chemistry can be triggered and it can entertain us and entertain us! We might as well welcome it, right?


5) Yes, you can change your mind at the last minute
Even if you are now at his house and up until a few minutes before you were willing to do so, it can always happen that, for whatever reason, at the last minute he prefers to pull you back. Let me be clear: it is a sacrosanct right. Don’t feel like you have to do something you don’t want to do, even if you had previously expressed the intention to the contrary. As we said before: mutual consent and respect are the basis. You don’t owe the other person anything and you haven’t signed anything, if you’ve changed your mind and don’t feel like moving on, it’s your right to stop and go home. It will be for another time or maybe it is not for you: you have no obligation!


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