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How to maintain balance as a couple when he finds himself out of work

The pandemic, we know very well, is having a negative impact also and above all on world of work. As we read a little everywhere, the unemployed are many, with sectors that suffer the most, see tourism, sports, travel, catering. A very delicate scenario arises when within the couple one of the two loses his job. But, we must admit, the situation seems to get even more complicated if he is left without an occupation.

If he loses his job, what happens within the couple?
As he points out very clearly the psychologist and psychotherapist Elisa Stefanati, «The impasse in the couple risks being particularly serious if it is the man who finds himself unemployed.

In this case they trigger very complex psychological dynamics, which if treated incorrectly can also lead to the breakup of the couple “. The reason is soon said: «let them live in a culture permeated by rooted people role stereotypes, according to which the value of people, and in particular of men, is directly proportional to the expression of success, results and income obtained. Many prominent sociological research points out how it is less attractive to a woman is the unemployed man and economic affirmation. The cultural heritage of centuries and centuries pushes the female imagination to favor male figures who are expression of power, security, strength, protection, capable of providing sustenance and means of subsistence. Bringing money home is a fundamental element of male identity, which years of education in equal roles have unfortunately only marginally scratched. And this explains why if your partner is out of work, while you have a job, the situation could be delicate, to be faced with great caution ».

He unemployed, the expert advice to save the couple
In gallery we have collected the advices of the psychologist and psychotherapist Stefanati to preserve harmony in the couple when he is out of work. Remembering that the crisis will pass.

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