How to reshape the minimum wage depending on previous service

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By Dimitris Katsaganis

A new wage “map” will form the forthcoming increase of the minimum wage next May (2022).

It is recalled that the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has announced this new increase, while the Minister of Labor, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis has brought an amendment to speed up the relevant consultation process.

His latest information report that this increase will amount to close to 6%. At the center of the change will be those who are paid from 650 euros (gross) to 928 euros (gross) depending on their years of service and whether they receive a marriage allowance. If the scenario for a 6% increase is verified, the minimum wage will rise from 703 euros to 983 euros (gross).

In more detail, the gross minimum wage (with up to 3 years of service and without marriage allowance), if this scenario is verified, it will rise to 703 euros compared to 663 euros, which it has reached since January 1, 2022, after the implementation of the 2% increase, which was decided by the government last July. In terms of net earnings, they will be set at 603 euros in May compared to 569 euros today.

For employees with previous service from 3 to 6 years, based on the scenario for an increase of 6%, their gross minimum wage will rise to 772 euros (662 euros net) compared to 729 euros gross (626 euros net) today.

Those who have previous service from 6 to 9 years, according to the 6% increase scenario, their gross salary will rise to 842 euros (723 euros net) from 795 euros (682 euros net) that is today.

Employees with previous service over 9 years are expected to receive a gross minimum wage of 912 euros (783 euros net) compared to 861 euros (739 euros net) currently.

Even bigger will be the increase for their employees receiving marriage allowance. Married employees with previous service up to 3 years, if the minimum wage is increased by 6%, they will receive a gross salary of 772 euros (662 euros net) compared to 729 euros today (626 euros net).

Those employees are married and have 3-6 years of service, according to the same scenario, they will receive in May a gross salary of 842 euros (723 euros net) compared to 795 euros (682 euros net) today.

Those who are paid the minimum wage, who they are married and have 6-9 years of service, are expected to receive 912 euros gross (783 euros net) compared to 861 euros (739 euros net) today.

Finally, the married employees with more than 9 years of service, if the minimum wage increases by 6%, they will see their wages reach 983 euros gross (844 euros net) from 928 euros today (796 euros net).

Source From: Capital

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