How to take care of every inch of your body

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Usually when it comes to daily beauty routines we focus on cleansing and moisturizing the face and if cellulite is a thought that obsesses us we extend to self-massage with a product against the skin with a mattress. For the rest, how many areas are systematically excluded from our beauty rituals! Here’s how to treat every inch of our body: from head to toe. Here we will focus on some of the classically forgotten areas.

Fingernails, hands and feet

According to theherbal remedies expert Emanuela Mattiuzzi, «Nails are often forgotten, but in winter they too suffer from the cold climate and temperature changes, weakening until they flake off. Once a week, massage them for at least 5 minutes using a home made preparation based on olive oil, pure shea butter and organic lemon juice. The same oily butter, with a rich texture and high concentration of nourishing and illuminating active ingredients, can be used to soften the skin of hands and feet, insisting on the roughest, driest and most chapped areas. If your nails are pale and dull, apply a few drops of castor oil every day, with fortifying and polishing properties thanks to the high content of ricinoleic acid ».

Neck, neckline and bust

It happens more or less like this: we cleanse the face and moisturize the face, stopping the hands at the chin line, as if neck and neckline didn’t even exist. Today, perhaps the effect of this half beauty routine is not yet noticed, but in a few years we could find ourselves with a beautiful smooth face combined with a wrinkled neck and neckline. As a workaround, here is the recommendation of Valentina Finotti, aesthetic doctor and reconstructive plastic surgeon of Sotherga Clinic Milan: “Keeping in mind that the neck is even more involved in the skin aging process than the face, yes to the use from 30 years of anti-wrinkle treatments with elasticising active ingredients, above all collagen, peptides, vegetal stem and snail slime. For the décolleté and breasts area, hydration wins in the sign of more is more, with day and evening application of creams rich in hyaluronic acid or ceramides. AND if there are stretch marks and signs of relaxation abound in sweet almond oil or jojoba oil ».

Abdomen and hips

Many times the female obsession with cellulite and swollen legs blinds us, making us believe that all efforts must be concentrated between the thighs and buttocks. And about the waistline, do we want to talk about it? Second Angela Noviello, head of the beauty division of Milan Aesthetics, «There is a lot of talk about male pancetta, but many women suffer from stubborn fat and love handles, either for a sedentary lifestyle or for metabolic problems (see in menopause). If, of course, a consultation with a nutritionist is indicated and necessary in case of abdominal fat, the daily self-massage helps a lot. Invest in a great cosmetic based on ultra concentrated active ingredients with slimming action and apply it with a deep manual skill. Among the most effective we find the Seaweed, which increase the triglyceride breakdown process to reduce fat accumulations; there caffeine, which promotes the elimination of fat and facilitates the drainage of liquids and toxins; L’alga fucus, which supports microcirculation and performs a valid reactivating action of the metabolism ».

Here is one selection of products for the care of every inch of the body, for a 2022 in the name of inclusive beauty routine.

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